Mooring chain for fishery aquaculture

    For semi-submersible drilling platforms, floating production and storage tankers and other offshore development facilities, Marine mooring chain products are required to not only have high strength and toughness, but also have seawater corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and other properties of the mooring chain steel due to long-term immersion in sea water. Stud mooring chains have been used for MODUS and FPSOS moorings in shallower waters. It has proven to be powerful, reliable and relatively easy to handle. The rung provides stable connections between links and ease of hoisting.

  We have a considerable stock of offshore anchors, studlink and studless mooring chain for offshore moorings

  We supply hundreds of ships each year with chains, shackles, anchors and other deck equipment from stock.

With our locations around the world, we are able to supply a good option for vessels in urgent need, or with planned ship repairs ahead.

We stock the most common anchor types from small SHHP anchors for light weight vessels, to huge anchors for tank ships, with all the required chain and connecting parts.

Deck equipment such as chocks, bollards etc. are also a part of our stock, and can be provided on short notice.

All equipment are supplied with class certificates to ensure quality.